Vacancy as Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandising

Our Client is a Group National Company with specialty in retailer and distributor of exclusive pen in Indonesia since 1993. Due to their rapid business growth, currently they are looking for the best talented people to join their team as :


Requirements :

  1. S1 Graphic Designer / Visual Communication Design, or related major, with min. 2 years experience
  2. Female, max.27 years old, single
  3. Competent with Freehand, Multimedia, & video editing program

Requirements :
  1. S1 Architecture / Interior Design, preferably having 1 year exp in VM
  2. Preferably Male, max.27 years old
  3. Competent with Autocad, Photoshop, Corel Draw
  4. Willing to travel throughout Indonesia

Send your comprehensive resume with recent photograph within 2 weeks after this advertisement and put the position code on your left side envelope or e-mail subject to :

PO BOX 0838 JKT 11008
or e-mail to :


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