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Psychological Evaluation Program

For that matter, it is necessary to conduct an effective selection and recruitment process, so at the end there will be a group of qualified employees matching the needs of the company.

With this necessity in mind, firstasia proposes a psychological evaluation program that provides a comprehensive set of requirements based on the competencies required by a job.

Through the method of psychological evaluation, firstasia offers assistance for your company to search and select the right individual required for a particular job.

The evaluation result can plot and indicate the candidate’s competencies in relation to the required competencies. These competencies derive from a psychological measurement known as The Big Five Personality At Work.

At firstasia consultants, the candidates are psychologically evaluated through a series of activities, which includes:
1. Computerized test guided by qualified instructors.
2. Structured Interview.
3. Observation during the tests and interview.
All these evaluations take place at firstasia consultants, and will take up to 4-6 hours at one time.

firstasia consultants provide the Advertisement Service of job opportunity and assist the selection from application letters which are suitable for the qualification needed.
The advertisement fee is according to the media printed price and we also provide the free design of the advertisement.

Assessment Center

Before conducting the assessment center program, the position in need will be analyzed to gain important information about the indicators and competencies needed to carry out the particular job, i.e. job competency requirements. Then the assessment is designed based on those job competencies.

The methods used in designing the assessment center will depend on the competencies that will be measured. In general, some of the methods that will be used are:

The participant is asked to fill out a personality inventory, where the items are designed to measure the behavior in the work field known as The Big Five Personality at Work.

? The participant will be given an amount of time to prepare and conduct a presentation.
? They will be given a number of topics to choose from, which are previously decided by firstasia consultants and the client company involved.
? The competencies that can be explored are presentation skill, self confident, people approach, communication skill, and other aspects.

Leaderless Group Discussion
? The participant is asked to discuss a problem or topic previously decided by firstasia consultants and the client company involved.
? The topic is tailor-made to match the needs of the company and the goal of the assessment.
? The competencies that can be explored here are communication skill, the degree in responding to a stressful environment and the degree in caring to accommodate the needs of other co-workers.

In-Tray Exercise
? The participant is asked to respond to various items that are already prepared in an in-tray exercise. The task is to write down what he or she will do in the real job.
? The items in the in-tray include letters, memos, and telephone notes. The ma-terial in the in-tray will also include information about staff, organization structure, and other standard procedure used in the company.
? The competencies that can be explored here are analytical skill, decision making, problem solving and written communication skill.

Role Play
? The participant is asked to play a particular role required in the company and is asked to play against another individual acting out another type of role.
? These roles are usually found to interact together in a company. For example, Assistant Manager with the Manager.
? Through this role-play, the inter-personal skill, active listening skill, and flexibility of behavior can be evaluated.

Human Resource System Development
firstasia consultants has a vast experience in the Human Resource Consulting and Recruitment, and has experts in these fields.
firstasia consultants understand the need to improve the competency of the Human Resource Division in dealing with business opportunity and threat.
Designing the Manual and Implementation of Human Resource System:
Recruitment & Placement Policy
• Job analysis.
• Job description.
• Job requirement.
Performance Management System
• Design the parameter of work performance.
• Formulate the evaluation system.
• Design the implementation system.
Reward System
• Design the grading system.
• Design standard compensation & benefit.
Training & Development Policies
• Design the training need analysis.
• Formulate the standard for facilitators.
• Design training evaluation.
Executive Search & Selection
firstasia is aware that every search is unique. The company, the corporate environment, the organizational structure, reporting relationship and personalities of those connected with the position to be filled, and the urgency, all have an important bearing on the search process.
firstasia offers Executive Search & Selection services, which target the middle to upper level of Managers and Executives.
firstasia uses a method of recruiting high quality, senior level managers or executives, and identify, approach and assess candidates whose skills and experiences best match our client requirements.
While we have to tailor our efforts to meet individual clients requirements, we do follow a systematic approach that is common to all assignment as follows:
1. We meet our client for a detailed briefing discussion and develop a position des-cription and candidate specifications that describe the basic duties, responsibilities, the essential qualifications and personal characteristics of the executives to be identified. Thus, we ensure that we have a correct understanding of the requirement.
2. We develop the search strategy and research target industries and companies likely to search for well-qualified executives closely matching the specifications.
3. Having discreetly identified an initial list of prospective candidates, we then approach and interview in depth those that best match the requirements to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the candidates’ qualifications, capabilities, accomplishments and potentials, their interests in the opportunity, monetary and fringe packages.
4. We present the most qualified candidates to our client in the form of detailed, confidential written reports of short listed candidates.
5. We make the arrangements for the preferred candidate to meet our client, usually in a mutually confidential environment, following which we make reference check with full candidate approval.
6. Once our client selects a candidate, we provide assistance in egotiating the acceptance of the offer of employment and later, after commencement, we provide our client with support in following both the orientation and progress of the candidate appointed.
During the course of an assignment, the identity of our clients is never disclosed, at least up to the stage when our client starts meeting selected candidates. This enables the maximum discretion and confidentiality.
Individual Services
Thus, common knowledge, expertise or even the work style may not be sufficient in supporting someone’s aim to reach the top of success. More desirably, is a satisfactory comprehension to one’s on potential which can therefore be an important asset to achieve higher accomplishment. Sometimes career path is something that ambiguous, self awareness has become the first and a decisive guidance to achieve one’s future career.
Thorough and holistic self comprehensions, supported by all the existing self potential profiles, obviously enable ones to focus themselves. Onesmight be able to choose a job of their expectation. Consequently, this job satisfaction will encourage them to perform their job in the highest quality. This will be better than performing their routines. firstasia consultants has been recognizing this fact. Indeed, firstasia consultants has designed the finest and the most advance service for self development, facilitated by Individual Services division.
Individual Services is provided with a computerized psychological test for individuals, with quick result. Through this service, individuals are gained a comprehensive understanding about their own self potential and able to decide which career path that suit to their profile. They could also earn the opportunity to be a part of firstasia Talent Resource. Through this databanks we also accommodates our clients’ needs to find the best suitable individual that suits to their preference.
Therefore we would like you to join us to hail the newest service we shall offer. That is firstasiajobs.com.
firstasiajobs.com intended to mediate jobseeker and employer in real time. There would be thousands of fresh graduates from various universities entering to the workforce market each year. Also, there aresome professional, who still seeking for another job opportunities to improve themselves. These facts encourage us to accommodate them to connect with the employer in the new way of seeking job. Prior to the internet era, jobs were advertised on daily newspaper or any other similar media. Time and space have become no longer constraint. This fact is supported by our research that concludes internet to be the more efficient media. Real time is the new driver in this industry.
On the other hand, employer demand in recruitment has been increasing steadily during the years. As newspaper display the job on daily basis, it will cost more for the employer to get the vacant opportunity message across. With an affordable cost, firstasia tries to solve both jobseeker and employer problems and collide the needs.
We are maintaining our network with various prominent universities throughout Indonesia to gather graduates to become our databanks, firstasia Talent Resource. Besides the qualified fresh graduates, our databanks comprise various pro-fessionals from many kind of industries. Supported by modern technology, we believe that we could shorten yourtime to select the best candidate. The selection program will be carried out quickly and comprehensively on our website. Moreover, the employer might be able to monitor the current open vacancies online. We also equipped the employer with necessary professional psychologist assistance to do the selection with screening questions. Other benefit that we could offer, the employer could find the best candidate and have direct communication with them without any other recruitment charges.
We believe that firstasiajobs.com is the most effective and efficient way in recruitment. firstasiajobs.com offers unlimited job posting and longer advertisement time. It is timeless and reaches your best candidates wherever they are.
IT Consultant
The more business developed, the more reliable IT services is. firstasia consultants seize this problem, therefore we provide numerous services that will enable your company to win business solution.
firstasia consultants provides the very best Information Technology solution to achieve world wide business standard and even exceed more.
Knowing the details of problems that most company has difficulty with are the main key of a successful Information Technology solution. Therefore, we always strive to the very best to make your company robust and meet your company to the best condition.
Providing you with friendly online consultation on working hours
• Consulting on Design System
• Consulting on Implementation System
• Consulting on Troubleshooting
Application system that we provide
• Inventory
• Logistic
• Accounting and Finance
• Payroll
• Fingerprint Absent
• Point of Sale
• Integrated Marketing
Other service that we provide
• Web Design and Programming


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