Welcome to the Enterprise Software Evaluation Center

How to get the most out of the Enterprise Software Evaluation Center:

  • Use the Shortlist Questionnaire to quickly get a shortlist of the top vendors that meet your general company profile!
  • The Prioritize Needs section lets you set your detailed requirements on thousands of decision criteria.
  • The Compare Results section lets you compare your results using the Weighted Average scores, or our patented BestMatch Factor.
  • If you have specific vendor cost information, the Compare Results section will allow you to enter the data and conduct cross-product comparisons based on Cost, Cost/Weighted Average or Cost/BestMatch Factor.
  • Use the What-if section to interactively modify your needs and view how each vendor meets your requirements.
  • Use the graphs and charts in the Graphs and Reports section to help illustrate which vendor best matches your needs.
  • The Ratings section to allows you to compare product feature ratings either in a side-by-side fashion or individually.


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